Reclamații & garanție

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This document is fully compliant with current EU legislation, Article 11, Paragraph 1, Directive 2019/771

Long story short

Within the EU, the customer has a civil right to file a claim within 24 months from the date of purchase of the goods.

The 24-month period cannot be confused with the service life of the product, i.e. the period for which the product can withstand its use with regard to its features, purpose of use and differences in intensity of use, if used and treated properly including maintenance.

The service life of goods intended for outdoor sports is prone to wear due to normal usage.

We are liable only for the defect in the product that the product had at the time you received it.

The time specified for pointing out a defect cannot be confused with the service life of the goods, i.e. the time during which the product will maintain the required function and performance during normal use due to the nature of the specific products, including any necessary reasonable maintenance of the products.

The customer acknowledges that the lifetime of products intended for extreme sports may not correspond to the time intended to point out a defect, as such goods may be more subject to wear and tear, which can be considered as wear and tear caused by normal use. The defect is not the wear and tear of the thing caused by its normal use.

Under such usual wear and tear, you can imagine, for example, a situation where goods can serve the purpose for which they were intended, but as a result of their use, their appearance has changed, or their effectiveness has decreased slightly.
A claim for normal wear and tear may be rejected mainly on the grounds that it is not a defect in the true sense of the word at all.

The handling of the product has a significant influence on its service life. You can read about that in the Scootpedia section.

Cum să reclamați un produs:

  1. Fotografiați produsul reclamat din toate unghiurile.
  2. Fotografiile trebuie să arate despre ce produs / marcă este vorba. Dacă doriți să reclamați de exemplu o placă, nu este suficient să fotografiați doar locul deteriorat, ci întreaga placă, inclusiv detaliile locului deteriorat
  3. Reclamația trebuie să fie însoțită de dovada achiziției produsului, adică factură, dovada plății etc.
  4. Toate aceste informații trebuie trimise prin e-mail la adresa:
  5. În e-mail puteți utiliza desigur limba maternă