CRAZY GIZMAS - 20% reducere cu codul GIZMAS20
* Christmas deliveries

Rider code discount

1) The provision of a discount is subject to the entry of the rider's code. It is not possible to get a discount without entering the rider code.

2) The current rider codes are:

RICH10                                Richard Zelinka

DAVID710                           David Šenkýř 

Johan01                               Johan Walzel

Jaramini02                          Jára Mini Soukup

Kristian04                           Kristián Albrecht

Ivan05                                 Ivan Tuček

Freescoot06                       Jakub Smrek

Giorgio07                           Giorgio Mangherini

3) Discounts apply to the current purchase.

4) The amount of the discount is 10 % excl. shipping. Code DAVID710 applies to the discount on Triad products only.